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Event Related Imaging

What is CAPITO?

CAPITO stands for "Cognitive and Psychophysiological Test Operations" and is a software developed under the direction of Thomas F. Feiner in collaboration with neuroscientists and programmers.

CAPITO is a highly flexible tool for measuring response times, continuous attention, selective attention, impulse control and resilience.

IFEN- Science Meeting ERPs (Event Related Potentials) and Neurofeedback with CAPITO


Why choose CAPITO?

Over the years, the program has become an invaluable tool for therapists, physicians and scientists. Here are the top six reasons why you should purchase CAPITO now:

CAPITO as a powerful assessment tool

Therapists can review and document the course of their treatments better and faster with CAPITO ...

Clear user interface

No annoying or unnecessary elements;
You only see what you need for the application. Not more.

CAPITO as a versatile research tool

... and scientists can use CAPITO to do a variety of tests, such as ERP (event related potentials) or stress tests.

High flexibility

All test parameters can be customized. You have maximum control in every situation.

CAPITO - by experts for experts

Our development team consists exclusively of experts from the field of neurofeedback and neurology, who are very familiar with the needs of our customers.

CAPITO - quick and easy

CAPITO is a great time saver.
2 minutes of testing are enough to get valuable insights into the test person's performance.

Free 30-Day Trial Version of CAPITO Basic

System requirement: all Windows systems from Win7 on, all Win8 versions, Win10

Processor for CAPITPO Basic: at least Intel i3 or comparable
Processor for CAPITPO Experts: at least Intel i5 or comparable
Screen resolution: 1680 x 1050

Languages: English and German

Our Development Team

Thomas F. Feiner, BCIA BCN
Thomas F. Feiner, BCIA BCNDirector of IFEN, Chief developer and initiator of CAPITO
Thomas Feiner is the director of the Institute for EEG Neurofeedback (IFEN) which he founded in 2008. He trains and teaches worldwide professional Neurofeedback practitioners and talks at numerous conferences. He has joined Dr. Joe Dispenza´s science team to analyze a huge amount of QEEG-data from meditators. One of his passions is about human consciousness research. That's why he developed a tool, called Cognitive and Psychophysiological Test Operations (CAPITO), which allows testing of information processing in the brain.
Rubén Pérez Elvira, BCIA BCN
Rubén Pérez Elvira, BCIA BCNProfessor for clinical Neuropsychology, director nepsa rehabilitacion neurologica
Rubén Pérez-Elvira, BCIA BCN, is a clinical neuropsychologist accredited by the COP, is an expert in the analysis of QEEG and clinical director of NEPSA Neurological Rehabilitation. His activity is mixed both clinical and research, in the latter field he is developing studies on the application of Live Zscore Training Neurofeedback and in methods of selection of feedback in neurofeedback.
Detlef Levin
Detlef LevinIT-Expert and database computation
Ricardo Jose Leon
Ricardo Jose Leon Direktor Nepsa Latin America, Neuropsychologist
Clinical Neuropsychologist Neuroscientist
IFEN Research Representative & Education
Certified Neurofeedback Therapist Institute for EEG Neurofeedback
IFEN Latin America representative
María Agudo JuanClinical Neuropsychologist
María Agudo Juan, is a clinical neuropsychologist. He works in the Research Section of NEPSA Neurological Rehabilitation.

Our Consultant Team

Dr. Thomas F. Collura, PhD

Estate (Tato) M. Sokhadze, PhD

Prof. Guiseppe Chiarenza

Dr. Christof Garner PhD

Dr. Lucas Koberda

Dr. Carlos Zalaquett (Pennstate University)

The advantages of CAPITO

  • Quick and easy
  • Very flexible
  • Less strain on test persons
  • Huge time savings
  • Professional assessment and verification of your treatment
  • Perfect for research and presentation

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